Weekly Schedule & Workshops

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Weekly Schedule


8am yoga bootcamp at Greenwood Lake Yoga

9:30am yoga at Vastu

12:15pm restorative with sound healing at Happy Buddha Yoga

5:30pm yin yoga at Vastu

7pm restorative yoga at BeyondFit (warwick)


6am movement, meditation, & sound healing at Greenwood Lake Yoga

5:45pm beginners yoga at Greenwood Lake Yoga

7pm all levels yoga at Greenwood Lake Yoga


6am yoga bootcamp at Greenwood Lake Yoga

8am power yoga at Beyond Fit

9am flexibility at Beyond Fit

5:30pm yoga for all beings at Alma Yoga

7pm meditation at Alma Yoga


11am every other saturday at Lotus Yoga Loft (check lotus yoga loft facebook)


A little about me.....


I love yoga.  I love mindful living.  I love organic, nourishing, real foods that make me feel good.  I LOVE the life that I live.  Holistic living changed my life.  I want to share that same life transformation with you.  Leading retreats is my passion, watching people become so free and empowered over the course of the week is my inspiration.  It's an immersion into the holistic lifestyle, a reboot, a fresh start.  So you could get a taste of what it's like and go home ready to change your life.   But anyway, go to my retreat page on this website if you want to learn more about that. 🙂  Teaching yoga is my passion.  My classes are moving meditations.  Linking the breath to movement. Expect a creative and feel good flow, plenty of great music, mindful meditation, and lots of laughter.  I am known for my detailed alignment cues and ability to get you into poses, gradually and mindfully, that you never thought possible!   I teach a unique form of yoga that blends together vinyasa with flexibility, which involves stretching with both active and passive stretches.  Regardless of your flexibility level, you will leave feeling more flexible and stronger than ever!


Nutrition Counseling Philosophy....

Diets don't work.  Sustainable lifestyle changes do.  No single way of eating works for everyone, eating is not a one size fits all.  As your health counselor,  I will find the best food and lifestyle choices customized to your individual needs that will make you love how you feel.  In my training I have learned over 100 dietary theories so I am sure I have one for you.


I am a board certified nutrition counselor by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) and graduated from the Institute for Integrative nutrition.  I am also 200 hour certified to teach yoga, flexibility and aerial arts.

My life is committed to teaching people how to integrate movement with wholesome nutrition.  I am extremely passionate about guiding people to have the transformative experience of nourishment for the mind, body and soul.  I graduated high school early at 17 to pursue my passions as a holistic health practitioner.  I immediately began my studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I also learned about yoga, I then opened my business, Nourish by Michaela, and began my journey at the Body Art Barn where I received my 200-hour certification and aerial arts certification as well.

I am always eager to learn more and am constantly taking classes, workshops, going to seminars and reading books on yoga, nutrition, and over all health and wellness.